August 22, 2019

All are invited!
All are welcome!

We are Handicap Accessible!


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Many thanks to so many of our local Churches, Stores, Organizations and Individuals who helped make
Easton Area Shoe Drive
It takes our Community of Love to fulfill this important need for so many families and we could not do it without everyone's help!
God bless you all!

THIS SUN., AUG. 25th
join us for "Cool Summer Worship" at 10 a.m.
We will be treated to Special Music
from the
Clarinet Ensemble
Everyone is welcome!

NEXT SUN., SEPT. 1st is Labor Day Sun.
Please join us at 10 a.m. and bring along an item or funds to help restock ProJeCt's Food Pantry.
Senior Choir will begin practices following worship!
All voices are welcome!


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We wrap our prayers around the all victims of hatred & violence everywhere.

Love is Stronger than hate.

God help us.


(Please note NEW DATES!)
Friday, Oct. 11th from 9 a.m. til 4 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 12th (bag day) from 9 a.m. til 1 p.m.
"Left over Rummage Give Away"
(2 bag limit) from 1:25-2:00

We will be accepting your gently used items until
Tues., Oct. 8th
Items may be dropped off when the Church Office is open
(please call 610-258-3361 to make sure someone is here) 
or on Sun. after Worship.

Accepting items that are clean & in good condition...
Clothing, Housewares, Kitchen Items, Small Appliances, Books, Videos, Lamps, Sporting Goods, Fashion Accessories, Bedding, New Items for our "New Table", Kid's stuff, etc.


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Our "Chime of Bells" excerpted from "History of the First United Church of Christ of Easton, Pennsylvania 1745-2004" by James A. WrightPhotos courtesy of M. Parisi.


 (Please note: Some browsers do not support viewing of these photos. If you have trouble viewing these pictures, try switching browsers.)

            The church started out with just one bell in the tower. 

This 2,000 pound bell was called the Centennial Bell.  It was appropriately named for the celebration of our nation’s 100th anniversary in 1876.  This bell was operated manually by a rope and pulley system.  The bell was rung for many historical events, including the loss of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, as well as the United States Centennial in 1876.

            The church’s additional chime of bells were a direct result of an address given to the congregation by Reverend Henry M. Kieffer on Sunday, November 12th, 1899.  Rev. Kieffer suggested that the congregation hold a suitable celebration of its 150th anniversary.  Since at that time no other

Easton church had a chime of bells, he suggested putting one in the church tower as an expression of the congregation’s sesquicentennial celebration in 1902.

            Rev. Kieffer’s suggestion was so well received that after the service, Miss Mary Alice Huber, Mrs. Thomas Rinek, and Mrs. Matilda Chidsey volunteered subscriptions for three bells.  In addition to those

, three other bells were donated by the citizens of Easton in recognition of the church’s great historical role in the town.  Two other bells were donated as well.  Counting the great Centennial Bell, this now brought the total number of bells to nine.

            The famous Meneely Bell Company of Troy, New York, was given the task of manufacturing the eight new bells, as well as removing the original Centennial Bell.  This Centennial Bell was removed from the church in September of 1901 so that the eight new bells could be cast in harmony with its tone.  A device would now be needed to play the bells, and it is believed at this time a carillon clavier, or keyboard, was installed.  Although the carillon is no longer used, parts of it still exist and are in the church steeple.

            Research indicates that the church’s first bell carillon player was Edward Osterstock.  Mr. Lorriane Arnold was also a player for nearly 40 years.  During 1963, the carillon clavier was disconnected and mechanical strikers were added.  The bells are played from a small electronic keyboard located next to the church’s Casavant pipe organ.  The chime of bells were again played on other historical events, such as the end of World War II in 1945, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (played by the Reverend George Creitz), and more recently the yearly remembrance of September 11th, 2001.

            The following is a chart containing the most accurate data available about the bells.    

Bell #     Key     Weight in lbs.       Presented by                                     In Memory Of

  1             F                 2,000                    ------                                   Centennial Bell of 1876

  2             G                1,500             Congregation                           Rev. Henry M. Kieffer

  3             A                1,000             Citizens of Easton                   “First Church”

  4          B Flat            825                 Daniel Black Estate              James and Mary Black

  5             C                550                 Mrs. Matilda Chidsey            Michael and Elizabeth Butz

  6             D                425                 Chester B. Fulmer                 Mrs. Matilda Baker Fulmer

  7          E Flat            375                 Mrs. Catherine Whitesell      Daniel and Catherine       


  8            E                 330                 The Zulick Family                  Anthony & Jane Morton

                                                                                                               Zulick and Sons

  9             F                 280                 Mary Alice Huber                  David and Deborah Huber

*Revised 2/29/2012


View from First Church's Bell Tower

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