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by Linda Wright


Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Linda Wright’s Book is an awe-inspiring work that intends to let readers journal their thoughts and ideas regarding who God is, the biblical characters they may identify themselves with, and other topics that they may encounter in their lives in a meaningful way.


Start your New Year’s spiritual journey with this extraordinary journal! “333 Journal Pages” features various topics, selected verses from God’s Word for one’s reference or study, and blank lines where one can place his or her own thoughts. This book will most certainly help you along your faith journey.


A recent new reader commented: Linda I am very impressed with "333". I have started at the beginning and am utilizing it as my daily spiritual reading. I congratulate and respect you on your comprehensive knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments. It is inspirational the way you have tied the biblical passage into the meaning for our individual daily lives. I wish and pray that there was a way forward to broaden its distribution as I am certain it would be so spiritually fulfilling for so many hungry for the word.



If you are a part of our local Church Family or in the Easton, Pennsylvania area and would like to purchase a book, Linda has some in stock so please email the church at and your copy can be delivered to you, in person, at the church.


Other Consumers can always purchase “333 Journal Pages” online at:

Barnes and Noble 

Or Apple iTunes Store


View a synopsis of “333 Journal Pages” on YouTube:


It is also on-line as an ebook.


Publisher’s Cover price is $41.95. Directly from Linda Wright the price is $35.00.

On-line prices vary.


I wish you happy journaling this Christmas and always!

Thank you and God Bless You, Linda Wright

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