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Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of our present church sanctuary is the stained glass windows. There are eight memorial windows and one other (non memorial) window in the narthex. They were all added to the church as part of the building program of 1885. Originally, the memorial windows were in different locations in the building. In the renovation period in the early 1950’s, they were moved to their present locations. The pictorial windows were placed to the right of the altar and all the symbolic windows were placed to the left of the altar.

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1. The Resurrection Scene in the Garden.

This window depicts Mary Magdalene seeing the risen Lord and addressing him as “Rabboni”. It is based upon the text of John 20:16.


This window was given by Mrs. John Eyerman in memory of her parents, James and Mary Black

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2. Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

In this window, Jesus appears holding a shepherd’s staff, holding one lamb with another at his feet.


This window was donated by the congregation’s Sunday Schools in memory of Rev. John Beck, pastor of the church from 1854-1877.

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3. Jesus as the Watchman at the Door.

Jesus appears knocking at the door wearing a crown and holding a lantern.


This window was donated by a private, unnamed person in memory of Rev. Bernard C. Wolff, pastor of the church from 1833-1844.

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4. Jesus teaching in the Temple.

In this view, the Lord wears a beautiful red robe.


This was donated again by a private person in memory of Rev. Thomas Pomp, pastor from 1796-1852.

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5. Jesus Calling the Fishermen as Apostles.

This window shows Jesus by the Sea of Galilee calling James and John, the sons of Zebedee, to be apostles.


This was donated by Mary Ann Hess Saylor of Germantown, in memory of her father, Judge George Hess and his wife, Mary M. Beil.

The windows to the left of the altar are as follows:

IMG_1946 (3).JPG
1. Symbol of God with His six attributes of power, majesty, wisdom, love, mercy and justice.

In a beautiful and ornate design, the symbols of the cross and I.H.S. are superimposed over the Star of David. They symbols are bordered by interwoven leaves, flowers and bunches of grapes. There is a belief that the Star of David in this window honors Myer Hart, the first Jew to settle in Easton. Hart was a shopkeeper and he contributed to the church building fund.


This window was donated by Mrs. John Hutchinson in memory of her mother, Elizabeth Nicholas.

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2. Sheaves of Wheat and Lilies of the Field.

Wheat is shown in the center and the lilies on top. Clusters of pomegranates are shown at the bottom.


Donated by Miss Mary Mixsell and others in memory of

Charles W. and Mark K. Mixsell.

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3. Cross and Crown.

Depicts the Fleury Cross, a favorite of the Huguenots. The jeweled crown passes through the center of a jeweled crown. The cross is bordered by leaves, grapes and flowers.


Donated by Mrs. Charles Santee of Philadelphia in honor of her parents. Peter and Elizabeth Shnyder.

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The stained glass window in the narthex is a beautiful design of five circular motifs with designs of lilies bordered by alternating colored squares with floral patterns.


Its dedication to the church reads, “Built 1776 – Enlarged 1832 – Remodeled 1885”.


Sunday Worship at 10:00 a.m.

in our historic Sanctuary

(September through June)

Summer Worship at 10:00 a.m.

in the air-conditioned parlor 
(June through September)

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