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Vintage Shop



Friday, May 3rd 9am–3pm & Saturday, May 4  9am–1pm

Bargains Galore! Clothing, housewares, kitchen items, fashion accessories, bedding, curtains, seasonal decorations, books, videos, tools, small furniture, "Children's room" with toys, clothes, books & LOTS MORE!


Our Rummage Sales are very popular and we begin receiving calls about them many weeks ahead. We get many compliments on how well our sales are organized and on the high quality of merchandise we display. This is directly due to the many volunteer hands that spend the week before the sale hard at work sorting, tagging, hanging and organizing everything. These folks bring order from chaos!

Aside from the large selection of clothing we also have seasonal clothing, belts, hats, purses, shoes, jewelry and scarves. Along with all of that you may also find holiday decorations, houseplants, kitchen & household items, puzzles, books, games, toys, small furniture and tools, pretty much just about anything!

We have an entire room of stuff for the kids and a large and varied selection of "new or nearly new" items such as jewelry, writing paper & gift items, many in their unopened, original boxes.

After you are "shopped out" you can sit, relax and enjoy a hot lunch which can be purchased at our kitchen and topped off with some home-baked bake sale items. Come check out our bargains!

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